“Don Casuario, The old Shaman of the Cofan tribe, once told me that I did not know who I was because I had not learnt my song yet. Nobody can teach it to you, he said. It is given to us when we listen to the great mother and hear our ancestors speak, when we gain true consciousness of ourselves and our place in this garden of Eden… that is when we begin our journey.”

Alex Postiglione, founder of Extra Virgo


Alex was born at Montecucchi, his family’s estate in the hills of Florence, Italy. The grandson of a Burmese princess, Alex’s story is no ordinary tale. He learned of loss at an early age and his curiosity and quest for meaning led him to travel the world and study in London, Madrid and New York. An eager collector of art, curiosities and photography, he soon became a passionate photographer himself, translating his love of beauty into sensual and sophisticated imagery.

Inspired by his many travels Alex threw himself into the world of fashion and creative arts but after years of fast paced hedonistic lifestyle, he found himself depleted and empty. His health on a fast decline he felt the need for a change of focus and began a deeper quest for happiness through the study of nutrition and spiritual practice, realising how essential the relationship with nature was for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Sharing a message of love, respect and positive transformation became Alex’s most important intent.  

Through this new self-discovery Alex turned to his roots and found his true path, his very own song, back where he started, at the family farm. The extra virgin olive oil that his family had been producing was now his legacy. It represented the perfect embodiment of the true values of wellness through nature, nutrition, love and simplicity – values that Alex had rediscovered and was eager to share. Extra Virgo was born – a representation of his zodiac sign as much as the greatest influence in Alex’s life – the spirit of femininity, the woman, the lover, the muse, the life giving Mother Nature.

Extra Virgo is a wish of health and happiness, an invitation to listen to your body and spirit. Get rid of all the noise and find your song. Begin your journey!